The Vaudevillians

Walkabout Act

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The Vaudevillians | Walkabout Act

A Vaudevillian circus double act for the modern era. Together they represent the 1920s prohibition with fine tailored suits, a tiny gangster car, live saxophone accompanied with rapid fire tap dance and juggling bottles, glasses and a set of vintage luggage.

Two idiots who believe they are 1920s gangsters ride around in a miniature gangster car playing saxophone, Jazz and trying to be cool. They park every now and then and unleash circus tricks and skills with bottles, vintage luggage, chairs and juggling clubs. Beware of the interactive swing dancing that could happen to any unsuspecting audience member. Laurel and Hardy meets The Sting meets Bugsy Malone!

The Vaudevillians are expert duo jugglers and they have performed together around the world.