The Sergeant Majors

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The Sergeant Majors | Walkabout Act

ATTEEENTION! Introducing Major Lookup and General Goodlength, the tallest military walkabout act in the entire world! Standing 10 feet tall, The Sergeant Majors are an entertaining interactive stilt walkabout act guaranteed to bring a smile to even the most regimented audience. Great for a meet and greet, walkabout entertainment, or even as part of a parade, this lofty duo will have onlookers whipped into shape in no time.

The history of stiltwalking is fascinating. Archaeological ruins and texts show that stiltwalking was practised in ancient Greece as far back as the 6th century BC. In Belgium, stilt walkers of Namur have fought on stilts since 1411. The inhabitants of marshy or flooded areas sometimes use stilts for practical purposes, such as working in swamps or fording swollen rivers. The shepherds of the Landes region of southern France used to watch their flocks while standing on stilts to extend their field of vision, while townspeople often used them to traverse the soggy ground in their everyday activities. These days, they’re used extensively to entertain, as is obvious by The Sergeant Major’s wonderful walkabout act. If you’re looking for an entertaining walkabout act that’s fun, original, and is head-and- shoulders above the rest: guess what soldier, you found it!

The Sergeant Majors; World’s Finest Stilt Walkabout Act!

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