Incredible Walkabout Act

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Saurus | Walkabout Act

Saurus’ Incredible, pre-historic walkabout act!

Giant beasts from prehistoric times! Presumed to be extinct, the biggest beasts that ever walked the earth return to the twenty-first century in this incredible, jaw-dropping walkabout act. With a deafening roar Saurus charge through the crowds, looking for food to calm their hunger. Fortunately, they are vegetarians!

“The moment these creatures walked onto the street I thought Musikfest audiences would really enjoy this type of performance. It’s really something when you are standing there watching them and they’re coming your way, it’s almost intimidating, it’s quite striking”-Patrick Brogan, senior vice president for programming for ArtsQuest

Hesther Melief, co-artistic director of Saurus, had this to say; “…it impresses people. We like to give people their emotions if they see something strange or different than what they see normally. Their interpretation is their own!”

Possibly one of the finest walkabout acts in Europe, Saurus is an incredible, high impact walkabout act. Whether in a small group or a larger flock, Saurus is a smash wherever they perform. Their thunderous roars might intimidate at first, but the crowd is quickly relieved when they spy Sauruses nibbling on treetops! Standing as tall as a double decker bus, these amazing creatures steal the show wherever they go.