Man in a Box!

Charming walkabout act

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Man in a Box! | Walkabout Performance

Man in a box! Hilarious walkabout performance…

This internationally acclaimed walkabout performance is like no other. Curiosity is aroused by the arrival of a silent clown with a box. Despite his size he climbs in and managed to shut the lid. As the audience try to discover what will happen next…The box Grows legs, leaps into life and scuttles off.

Meeting and Greeting are a speciality, give him half a chance he’ll have to dancing and playing footsie, this box has quite a following! Accompanied by a comedy security guard for good measure.

Man in a Box is a hilarious Covent Garden style walkabout performance ideal for children and adults of all ages! See the box run, jump and take on a huge personality. You have to see it to appreciate just how funny it is!

Curiosity is aroused by the arrival of two fellows with his small box. Despite their size one manages to squeeze into the box! Suddenly the box leaps into life, grows legs and totters off. For public events the Box will bring and work with a performing minder character.

Although this is a mobile, roving walkabout performance, it is best placed at busy junction or gathering place within your event. The box doesn’t cover large distances well, so please, no parades.

Why not add your corporate logo to the box for a bit of innovative advertising? The Man in a Box is always the centre of attention, and with your corporate details he is the perfect advertising tool! These bespoke panels are available in 3 sizes, to fit the entire box!

For day time events/public/trade shows, the sets are 3 x 30 minutes or similar , with a minder. They can provide a number of boxes, out at the same or different times.

Alternatively, the performer can do a 7 minute cabaret stage dance piece. For walkabout meet and greet he normally performs a 1 hour set for evening or private events.

They have been to The Queens’ 80th Birthday, Jools Holland’s’ Hootenanny, Just for Laughs, Montréal…