World Champion Human Statue

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The Candyman | Human Statue

The best human statue in the world, officially! John Eicke, The Candyman is two-time world champion from the World Living Statues Championship!

Since Candyman’s first world title he has traveled the world bringing his unique characters to different countries and cultures. He’s a universal delight that transcends language barriers and cultural differences.

The history of performance as a human statue dates back to the renaissance, when groups of entertainers would be on display on a mount or elaborate stand designed to make them appear as if they were a monument. They performed at pageants, festivals, and for nobles. The historic profession has not changed much!

The Candyman’s attention to detail makes him and incredible character and a great addition to any event. He’s able to operate as a solo performer, stand-alone show or walkabout act!

John Eicke’s Human Statue Characters!

Also available from John Eicke are the Woodman, the Robot, the Greek Statue and most recently, Blanko the human canvas! Candyman’s talent is that his body is a blank canvas on which he can create visually stunning looks.  He is able to recreate his popular characters as well as create something novel or particular for a brand, company, or client!