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The Dukes Box | Band in a caravan!

The Dukes Box | Band in a caravan!

The Dukes Box is a custom built audio-visual show that crams an entire band plus a sound system and light show, into a jukebox the size of a wardrobe.

Energetic, adventurous and hilarious, the divinely kitsch Dukes Box was born from a rather dead 1960′s two-berth caravan, rising from the ashes like a phoenix from the flames to become a truly magnificent mobile musical marvel.
The audience is invited to pick a song and then view a live recital of their choice by the infamous Dukes within the Box. You name it, they cover it – jazz, folk, rock, rap, techno, reggae, bluegrass, hip hop, thrash metal, 16th century ballads and current chart toppers.

“[The Dukes Box] was a great distraction – type in your track and the band (squeezed into a tiny caravan) are off; Eminem’s own ‘My Name Is’ will now be forever lacking a bicycle horn accompaniment.”

“In the circumstances, my special award for entertainment under the most adverse conditions goes to the Dukes Box – three blokes performing as a human juke box in a converted 50′s caravan. On Friday, we heard Heart of Glass as it would have sounded if Blondie had been a country and western band. Saturday saw the boys perform in skin tight body suits and crash helmets. Sunday’s finale was a skiffle version of I See You Baby, performed with cardboard boxes on their heads. And who said the age of surrealism was dead?” Larmer Tree festival 2007 review

“Highlight for me, though, is the Dukes box – a band of three inexplicably lycra-clad Welshmen in a large translucent box who play any song from their repertoire of 35 if you push a pound through a slot in the front – an idea of profound genius (though not particularly remunerative, surely?). [The Dukes Box] also turn up later on and charge around stage while I’m dJing, which is very welcome as it gets a little lonely up there…the only other company I have is a particularly convincing stuffed dog who mans the left deck.” – Mylo, Skye music festival review in the Guardian 02/06/07

Brilliantly funny, hugely entertaining and entirely unique.