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Covent Garden Street Performer Now World Record Holder!

Covent Garden Street Performer Now World Record Holder!

Catch our Escapologist and Covent Garden Street Performer, Rob Roy Collins on ITV1 18th December 8pm. Rob recently set a Guinness World Record in Niagara Falls, Canada for the fastest upside down escape from cling wrap, suspended 20m high from a crane!

A huge thanks to Covent Garden Street Performer Rob Roy Collins for giving us a real behind the scenes look at how he prepared to face the World Record attempt and how it affected his family around him:

Last year during a festival in Canada, I escaped from a straight jacket while dangling  upside down  from a  helicopter over a lake at Niagara falls. I was convinced that I had achieved a world record but as it was not documented, it was sadly not legitimate.

The following year, back in Canada once more I was determined to get it right and I was thrilled when the legendary Marco Fregatti from the

Guiness Book of Records flew over specially to adjudicate.

However, luck was not on our side, as the Canadian authorities decided that for reasons of health and safety I would not be allowed to use a helicopter.

I was devastated  at first but so desperate to get a world record that I quickly came up with a plan. If I could be winched up by some kind of crane, hung upside down and then make my escape not just from a normal straightjacket but from an absolutely soaking wet heavy straight jacket, I would give Martin his record.

It sounded simple enough to me.

The day arrived, expectations were high as I immersed myself and the straight jacket totally into  the waters of a lake  before being hooked up to the crane.

The cameras rolled and I began the escape. It wasn’t long before I started to struggle. The wet jacket had gone so stiff that there was no manoeuvrability and no chance of me escaping from it. Fortunately my fiancee Louise had noticed and within seconds of me passing out she called for the stunt to be stopped.

As the crane lowered me to the ground, all I could think of was the flight Martin had taken to be here and the sheer cost of it all. I felt I had let everyone down  but whatever happened I was determined to get  a record and no sooner had I recovered, then I sent Louise  to the local supermarket to buy a kitchen essential;  6 rolls of Cling Wrap.

Louise went to work and like a pupa in a cocoon she wrapped me in layer upon layer of the see through plastic, each layer strengthening the last until I was trussed up and completely immobile.

Once again the winch raised me to the required height and this time I was determined that nothing would go wrong. The record was mine for the taking, I just had to wriggle and writhe and do the secret stuff that no street entertainer will reveal.  One minute went by , a few seconds more  and then I was out, I had done it! I had created a world record and in the words of  Marco Fregatti adjudicator from the famous Guinees Book of Records, “I was officially amazing.”