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Zanzibar | Juggler

Zanzibar; juggler extraordinaire!!!

One of France’s most incredible and entertaining exports, Zanzibar is a well-traveled and highly experienced street performer and juggler.

As a master of the Diablo, he can juggle a range of objects while balancing on a 10-foot free standing ladder. Even the tricks he can do with a simple pair of sunglasses make Zanzibar a crowd favourite wherever he goes!

“Zanzibar le crazy French man can be seen throwing his three diabolos like rockets in the air or juggling three knives on a ten foot ladder! This orange and black frog entertains in French or in English with his outrageous accent. Danger, skills and comedy guaranteed!”

He has toured internationally from Australia to the Middle East and across Europe and when not in his native France he is a regular at London’s Covent Garden.

Zanzibar has delighted audiences from Australia, Dubai, Qatar, South Africa, Bahrain and all around the world! Zanzibar is able to perform in several languages fluently. Zanzibar the juggler draws on his skills he has picked up around the world, from festivals, street performing and events such as the Bahrain Grand Prix to engage his audiences and make them smile, laugh and applaud!