Able Mabel

Street Performer

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Able Mabel | Street Performer

Able Mabel is a comedy character show. Mabel is a chaotic hapless showgirl. Audiences are won over by her warm effortless charm, and funny, heartwarming sense of humour. She is eager to entertain but manages to mess up everything she does with comic results.

She has a flare for the dramatic and the ridiculous. Mabel attempts to escape from handcuffs and looses half her costume in the process. She wields a whip wildly as she attempts to pop a balloon, accidentally magics things away and uses tape to fix her props whilst tangling herself and her volunteer up in it.

For the final act in the show Mabel brings out her 8ft ladder. A ladder, traditionally the most dangerous of household objects, has the audience gasping as she begins to climb it without it leaning on anything. For the final act Mabel reveals her super hero cape and her super power, being Fearless. She uses her power to climb to the top and balance up high. Cape flying behind her, glitter showering down whilst juggling three sparkly clubs, it’s a dramatic end to a brilliant show.