Reuben Dot Dot

Street Acrobat

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Reuben DotDotDot | Street Acrobat

Reuben DotDotDot was born in Melbourne, Australia. At the age of  eleven he discovered gymnastics and spent the next five years training and competing. At the age of sixteen, he looked at the competition leotard, realized that purple and  gold were not his colours, and quit.

He spent the next two years of high school surfing, skating, and snowboarding. Reuben continued to nurture these passions through the first two years of his degrees  in Computer Science, and Philosophy, and subsequently failed them both. Reuben then  began training in earnest to become the acrobat and entertainer he is today. On his way he acquired (completely legally) a diploma in small company/community theatre, traditional acrobatic training from the ‘Beijing acrobatic troupe’, a huge range of circus and performance skills,  and a complete loss of vertigo.

Performing professionally around the world at some of the biggest festivals such as Edinburgh Fringe, Christchurch world buskers and Ansan Street Arts Festival, as well as corporate entertainment for the likes of BMW and LandRover, and to top it off, performing as an acrobat for circuses as illustrious  as Cirque Du Soleil. He is truly the consummate acrobat and entertainer.

Rueben DotDotDot the street entertainer and acrobat defies gravity and death with stunts you need to see to believe. The show that has it all; humour, handstands, and holding on for dear life! With a spinning one-handed balance twenty feet up in the air, concrete never looked so hard. Whips, Hat manipulation, acrobatics, sticky pole, hand balancing, and crowd interaction!

“Extreme strength and grace, with remarkable physical stunts involving scaling a scarily tall pole. Witty banter continues even as he pulls off his acrobatics.”