Fire breather

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Pyromancer | Fire breather

Pyromancer from Holland is widely considered the best fire breather in the world by festival organisers and performers around the world. His fire breathing skills go above and beyond what even the most accomplished fire performers are capable of.

Pyromancer can breathe the biggest fireball you are ever likely to see. He can perform a number of stunts or a whole show that involves comedy, audience interaction and a finale that includes actually making a ball of fire travel through the air from one point to another – a stunt that as far as we know, no one else in the world performs.

Described as a fire show that is a mix of spectacular flames, a good laugh and a playful atmosphere. Pyromancer delivers a unique fire show that is a must see for all ages.

He has performed around the world, from Europe to Singapore to Canada where he is very established on the international street performing festival circuit.

“Pyromancer offers a completely unique street show, like nothing else I have ever seen in the world. He brings a great sense of play and twisted charm to his performance. And as the greatest fire breather I have ever witnessed, I believe he is a fabulous addition to any festival line-up.” Mackenzie Muldoon (Artistic Director, Toronto International Buskerfest).