Polly Hoops

Hula Hoop Artist

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Polly Hoops | Hula Hoop Artist

Polly has been performing since the age of three¬†and has a background in ballet and a degree in Drama & Theatre Arts from Goldsmiths University of London. She’s also a world-renowned hula hoop specialist.

Polly specialises in circus, clowning, improvisation and physical theatre.

It was this type of performance background that inspired Polly to create her own solo Street Theatre show that contained the physicality, skill and comedy of hula hoops. Her knowledge of audience participation, improvisation and site specific theatre and character work makes the end product a thrilling and visually engaging show!

When asked about her favourite aspect to performance, Polly responds;

[It's] the direct contact you have with your audience (unlike any other type of theatre/performance) and that it feels like a ‘happening’… you are connecting with people in an organic, spontaneous way. It’s something out of the ordinary and people who watch my show tell me that they will never forget it. Amazing!

Polly has been booked to perform her street show in the UK and internationally as well as performing at festivals such as the Edinburgh Fringe and Hoopla Festival, Dubai. Polly has been hired by corporate companies such as Benefit Cosmetics, Total Greek Yogurt and has performed as part of the London Mayors Cultural Olympiad event Piccadilly Secret Circus. Polly is well known on London’s Cabaret circuit. She has performed on the touring show of An Evening of Burlesque and is a regular at Proud Cabaret.