Pogo Fred

Extreme pogo stick performer

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Pogo Fred | Extreme pogo stick performer

Fred is one of the original founders of the sport of Xpogo and has progressed today to become one of the best jumpers in the world, as well as a mentor to numerous younger athletes. Fred’s style is polished and perfected as he undergoes training for each trick he attempts. Able to exercise immense control and precision, while still holding his own among the world’s pros, Fred has created a following for himself around the globe under the name “PogoFred.” Fred has been featured in numerous media pieces, most notably a Nike commercial during the 2012 Olympics and the first page of the 2014 Guinness Book of World Records.

Fred’s World Records
Most Consecutive backflips on a pogo stick
World’s tallest useable pogo stick
World’s smallest useable pogo stick
Most jumps with out feet on a pogo stick
Featured in 3 different Guinness World Record Books