Pete Anderson

Compere, juggler and Rubik's Cube specialist!

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Pete Anderson | Street Theatre Compere

Abandoned by his mother and father, Pete Anderson was raised by wild audiences. A decade of experience as an international street performer, he brings unnecessary levels of enthusiasm and an unusual perspective – a perfect combination for his show.

Pete’s jovial personality and keen sense of the audience makes him an excellent compere, with a knack for making everything entertaining. Aside from being hilarious (an achievement in its own right), Pete Anderson also managed to be a finalist in the 2010 So You Think You’re Funny competition!

Pete can provide a range of compere performances tailored to your festival or event. He is experienced at cabaret and outdoor theatre; his signature trick is climbing and balancing on an unsupported ten foot tall ladder. Pete, not satisfied with merely being able to scale an un-supported ladder, also learned how to climb it backwards! He has also mastered the ultimate retro challenge; a Rubik’s cube solved in 90 seconds; it is as amusing as it is baffling. Charismatic, charming and effortlessly funny, Pete Dobbing delights audiences across the world. A versatile and engaging compere/entertainer, Pete is passionate about creating excitement. His disarming enthusiasm grabs audiences and their inhibitions melt at the joy of unique participation en masse.

If you are in need of an engaging, charming, and maddeningly-hilarious compere, Pete Anderson is the best there is.