Pancho Libre

Acrobat, Cyr Wheel and Fire act

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Pancho Libre Acrobat and Cyr Wheel

Pancho is a flexible and creative artist adaptable to different projects. A highly skilled circus performer, he loves to move, to dance and is an explosive acrobat!

Whether  he is flying  around on a cyr  wheel, performing handstands on a pole high at headie heights or dazzling the audience with his flaming “Fire Star”,  Pancho’s technique and infectious smile have made him popular around the world.

Pancho has a wealth of experience performing solo and in a group environment. One of his his most popular works has been an award winning interactive, high-skilled, comedy performance ‘Pancho Libre -The Mexican’ which has been performed in sixteen countries around the globe!

Pancho spends  a lot of his  time travelling and  is based in Canada,  where he recently won  the award for The People’s  Choice Best Act at the Ottawa  International Buskers Festival and performed  with the world renowned Cirque Du Soleil for  Canada’s 150th year celebration.

All his skills can be adapted for corporate/gala events, family festivities, street theatre festivals or animation/walkabout/meet and greet.