Owen Lean


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Owen Lean | Magician

Owen Lean graduated in 2006 with the worlds first degree in street magic. Making the front page of the Irish Times, and several other national newspapers. A year later his house burned down and he lost everything he owned, ever since then he has traveled the planet, performing his unique comedy magic show on the worlds street, taking away peoples fears and “Entertaining those without even the remotest interest in magic” – The Irish Times Owen Lean has been performing his entire life and began to amaze people from the tender age of 18. Owen discovered magic completely by accident when he found a trick deck lying around his parents house and investigating it became quickly hooked on the incredibly things he found he was able to do. Owen has now become one of the worlds leading and most respected Entertainers and Magicians, having performed over five continents and attracted praise from the media, clients and the public alike.