Mr Spin

Juggling Street Performer

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Mr Spin | Juggling Street Performer

Mr Spin is a highly skilled, comedic vaudevillian street performer. He mixes traditional juggling, Chinese devil-sticking and one ball manipulation (contact juggling), with mad capped antics and an incredible sense of fun. Audiences around the world will verify what he’s said about himself; “I am not a normal man!” The show finale culminates with Mr. Spin on an eight-foot zig-zag unicycle (of his own design) juggling three baseball bats and a glass of water balanced on his head – you don’t want to miss it!

“Matters are governed by the dexterous debut of Nigel [Mr. Spin] whose physical comedy runs from delightfully in control to wildly out of control.” – Sydney Morning Herald Review

One anonymous fan had this to say about Mr. Spin: “I’m a huge fan of juggling, and his act has to be my favourite. Absolutely brilliant. He’s quite a looker, too!”

With his ferocious energy & endearing, charismatic wit, Nigel Martin is a true comic genius and one of the world’s finest jugglers. He seamlessly and brilliantly meshes together the classic art of juggling with his engaging banter and razor-sharp wit. Mr. Spin has a background in classical dance and can be seen under other guises performing internationally with groups ‘Buzz’, ‘Slack Taxi’, and Australia’s Lunar Circus.

You must see this astounding performer in person to truly appreciate Mr. Spin. He truly is a unique and engaging entertainer.