Monsters Of Schlock

Extreme Sideshow Comedy

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Monsters Of Schlock | Extreme Sideshow

The world’s most extreme sideshow presents their two-man-circus-comedy-magic extravaganza!

The Monsters of Schlock been banned, burned, blistered, bloodied, concussed, fracture, hammered, hooked, pierced, padlocks, spit on, stapled, sliced, slapped, smashed and scratched all in the name of… Comedy?

The Great Orbax and Sweet Pepper Klopek, two of Canada’s most outrageous extreme sideshow entertainers have joined forces to bring you a non-stop comedy roller coaster jam packed with cartoonish levels of absurd violence. It’s like a depression era sideshow meets Jackass! The Monsters Of Schlock combine amazing physical stunts and mind blowing feats with a twist – irrelevant slapstick comedy! The result? A show that will have you both screaming and laughing at the same time!

The Great Orbax: with a Bachelors degree in Physics, a minor in Mathematics and a Masters degree in Physics, the great Orbax was ejected from the university due to ‘inhumane experimentation’. After leaving academia, he developed his love of being thrown through tables and performing in his own extreme sideshow, a passion he shares with his brother Sweet Pepper Klopek.

Sweet Pepper Klopek: Sweet Pepper and the great Orbax, twin brothers separated at birth, were reunited in 2003 when the $2000 worth of fireworks they were exploding ran amok and almost detonated the propane tanks of a nearby food truck. Later that night, Orbax power-bombed Pepper through a table. It was a classic moment of unbridled comedy. In 2006 Pepper joined Orbax’s extreme sideshow, and, using his 18 plus years of extensive theatre performance background to enhance and propel the freakshow to new heights. The Monsters of Schlock: Extreme Sideshow was born!

Comedy takes the front seat as these two comedians lampoon extreme sideshow, magic, and the circus arts while performing some of the most amazing physical stunts ever seen!  It’s a slapstick stunt show hearkening back to the early days of vaudeville, with as much influence from the 3 stooges as from the travelling carnivals of yore. When Canada’s only two-man human demolition derby comes to YOUR town, will YOU be there?