Enchanting Magician & Flying Carpet Walkabout

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Jarrdu | Enchanting Magician & Flying Carpet Walkabout

Jaardu in Hindi literally means ‘Magic’
The character of Jaardu is a colourfully dressed caricature of an imaginary Indian village magician, complete with head-wobble and exaggerated Indian accent. Andrew Elliott has created the character of Jaardu from both his Eastern and Western heritage. He is, by turns, cheeky and provocative, irreverent and flirtatious. Straddling both worlds, he is able to gently poke fun of Eastern and Western stereotypes, provoking humour and goodwill.

Over the last 28 years Andrew has maintained a very special relationship with a group of gypsy magicians in northern India known as Madari. They are a group of nameless performers who have travelled the country performing in village market places, festivals and tourist towns for hundreds of years. Through his experiences living, performing and traveling with these performers Andrew has developed a very unique performance, which encompasses magic, comedy and a very original snake charming routine. He now tours throughout Europe, Canada, Australia and South East Asia with this colourful, energetic show of intrigue, suspense, mystique and humour.Ideal for festivals, street theatre events, corporate entertaining and any party in need of some light hearted entertainment! Book Jaardu as a show performer, walkabout act on his magic flying carpet orboth for maximum effect.