Amelia Cadwallader

Hula Hoop Street Performer

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Amelia Cadwallader | Hula Hoop Street Performer

Amelia Cadwallader is an Australian performer who has entertained in over twenty countries working in companies and independently throughout Europe, The Middle East, Asia and Australia.

She has performed at outdoor festivals including, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Christchurch Buskers Festival, Landshut Stadtspektakal, The Taste Festival, Adelaide Street Theatre Festival, Hoopla Festival. She has also performed cabaret and  stage peices in The Famous Spiegltent, El Castello, EL Tigre Blau, Cabaret de Cent and in El Cabaret de Barcelona.

Maple Staplegun, (Amelia’s character) has escaped from the office and onto the streets ready to prove to the world that she is no ordinary secretary!  Armed with hula hoops, office items and a quirky attitude, Maple is set to show the audience that not all is what it seems.

Amelia’s amazing hula hoop manipulations mixed with absurd improvisations and physical comedy allow her audiences to be amazed while at  the same time unable to contain their laughter.

Drawing on traditional circus ring techniques, Maple creates a melodrama that involves her death and rescue by volunteer  firemen just in the nick of time so she can perform her most amazing hula hoop finale!

Maple Staplegun has appeared at festivals, events and shows all over the world including New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Oman,  United Arab Emirates, Edinburgh, Serbia and Germany.

Amelia’s show is a fourty-five to fifty minute show at it’s full length – other versions of the show are available for stage and cabaret and vary from five minutes through to thirty minutes.