Victor Rubilar

Comedy Football Juggler

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Victor Rubilar | Comedy Football Juggler

Argentinian in his blood but a true citizen of the world. He has done shows in over 35 countries and 145 cities. Victor Rubilar, juggler extraoirdinaire, holds FIVE(!) Guinness World Records, eleven International Awards and has performed shows in front of millions of people in the audience… Victor Rubilar is, without a doubt, a one of a kind juggler.

He specializes in juggling with up to five soccer balls, comedy and dancing. Victor Rubilar presents a very unique soccer performance. In his career he has shared stage among many with Pele, Messi, Etto’o, Drogba and have done shows for the Royal family of UAE.

His Guinness World Records include;


    • The most rolls of a football around the face in one minute
    • Longest distance travelled while balancing a ball on the forehead
    • Juggler with the most footballs juggled
    • The most rolls of a football from temple to temple
    • The longest time spinning a football on the forehead

This top notch juggler’s client list includes¬†Ikea, FIFA, HSBC, MTR, F1, Walmart, Nike, Adidas, MTV, Microsoft, and DHL.

One of Rubilar’s specialties is comedy shows. “Circus Super Star”¬†is the name of his latest show. He developed this show in Argentina in 2007. This is a fourty-five minute comedy show. During the show Victor Rubilar builds up an intense relationship between his Latino character and the audience. This is a fantastic show show with not only humor but a very advanced technical level of juggling. Victor combines juggling with footballs, acrobatics, magic and loads of comedy.