HIghly skilled unicyclist

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DynaMike | Unicyclist

DynaMike the unicyclist comes fully loaded with skills and head turning tricks but it is his showmanship and ability to work the crowd like he does that has made him a favourite around the world.

Michael Anthony “DynaMike” Bonnici is originally from Toronto, Canada and has performed in fourteen countries, often in the Middle East where he entertains crowds in Dubai and Oman with his dazzling stunts. Taking his unicyclist act around the world even allowed him to learn Arabic, French and Spanish! Mike practiced gymnastics as a young man, and says that he enjoyed the attention he received whilst performing tricks most people couldn’t do. He has busked since the age of sixteen and never had an “ordinary” job. He is, however, charming, self-confident, and professional! When asked about his chosen profession, Mike responds that he “enjoys doing shows for the good people of the earth.”

 “When I was a kid it was like a drug; I was hungry for it. You get all this energy from all sorts of people. Every little baby loves attention and as we grow up some of us become more or less dependent on attention and I was pretty dependent” -DynaMike

After seventeen years, Mike’s rationale for performing changed, saying “You see, the people are clapping and having fun. On Sunday this church is much less busy than it would have been 20 years ago or one hundred years ago. When that happens you forget about your troubles with the energy around you. It’s a really uplifting cathartic experience.”

Real, full speed chainsaw juggling is just Mike’s warm up – his BIG finale involves riding the tallest unicycle (sixteen feet tall!) on the international professional street performers’ circuit and juggling three sharp machete knives!