Ernest the Magnifico

Comedy Stunt Man

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Ernest the Magnifico | Comedy Stunt Man

Ernest’s Rockin’ Big Great Stunt Show

Ernest’s Big Great Stunt Show is a character-based street show. In the tradition of the one-man entertainer, Ernest will gather a crowd, win them over and entertain them single-handedly for forty-five minutes or as required.

‘The Big Great Stunt Show’ is a comedy show. It’s a real-life cartoon with the emphasis on the visual comedy of Ernest’s ‘Great Stunts’.

In daredevil tradition, he performs a flying car jump – his car effortlessly gliding through the air over himself and volunteers. He rides a high powered, quite absurd pogo stick, performing unique tricks before finishing with a high entertaining balloon-popping leap into the heavens!

Designed for festivals and community events, there is something in this show for people of all ages and all cultures be it visual gags, one liners or unique stunts.

“Who is this stunt man?”

Ernest was born in 1976 in Woongandoongan in a small town in outback Australia – population fifteen.

Always accident prone, Ernest regularly fell out of his bed as a child and was twice arrested in hospital after jumping in front of passing cars.

Ernest left school at age thirteen, and spent sixteen years working at the local pet food factory. A fast learner, Ernest was elevated to ‘Head of pet food packaging’ after only thirteen years on the job. In 2005, at the pet food factory Christmas party, Ernest, with his usual lack of good judgement, decided to impress his co-workers and jump off the factory roof. Everyone loved it. Even the canteen ladies cheered when he jumped.

Ernest broke both of his wrists and lost his job but he had a new future. He was a stunt man.

His first big break was an invite to perform at the Country Woman’s Association Family Picnic. After the dust settled and the lawyers got off his back, Ernest hit the road. From his painful start, his career has spread like a wild fire across the seas. He has toured Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Europe.

Never forgetting his roots, Ernest the Magnifico regularly performs his stunt man show at the Woongandoongan Hotel.