Betty Brawn

The Strong Lady

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Betty Brawn | The Strong Lady

Born with the grace of her mother & the strength of her father, Betty Brawn is no ordinary strong lady – she is known around the world as the Strongest Lady Alive!

Betty Brawn is set to delight audiences around the world from family audiences in the morning through to late night adult audiences with champagne in hand.  A genuine strong lady, Betty Brawn presents an exhilarating array of feats of strength as she tears thick romantic novels, twists solid metal, snaps steel chains and shatters gender cliches. She gently lifts grown men into the air as if they were feathers – even spinning two men simultaneously in her signature feat, the remarkable “Human Carousel”.

This theatrically trained strong lady brings the sideshow to town, delivering her incredible stunts, not in the brutish style of Strongmen, but with the elegance of a Strong Lady.  Her show has been a joyful, explosive & exciting addition to events through Europe, Canada, Australia & New Zealand since it debuted in 2005.

Her outdoor theatre acts run for thirty-five minutes (a twenty minute version is available as well); her stage act runs from five to twenty minutes, depending on necessity. Her shows are available in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.
With notice it is possible to perform in other languages as well!

“Spectacular and very special… People are going to be talking about this non-stop!” – Jo Whiley, BBC

“Breath-taking” – Sydney Morning Herald

“Betty Brawn shows with indescribably lightness, that she is indeed the strongest lady in the world – and elegant too.” -Hannover Neue Presse

You will laugh, you will gasp and you’ll walk away smiling from this celebration of what makes us all strong in our own wonderful ways. This show is a joyful and exciting addition to festivals and events, you’ll walk away smiling from this wholehearted celebration of femininity and strength!