Bendy Em


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Bendy Em | Contortionist

Unique and completely unforgettable, Bendy Em is one of the world’s leading contortionists. This pint-sized entertainer can bend her limbs like you never thought was possible and fit her whole body into a sixteen inch Perspex box.

Em Kerger got started in gymnastics at the age of four, and competed in the UK. In 2001, while in Australia, a friend convinced her to perform in an outdoor act. Knowing how flexible she was, she made an act, and the contortionist known as ‘Bendy Em’ was made!

Bendy Em has headlined international festivals all over the globe, featured in advertisements for Hewlett-Packard, appeared in the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine and made product launches come alive!

“Absolutely Amazing!” -Hugh Jackman

A real favourite with the crowds, Em combines physical feats with great comedy. Whatever your event, she can bend her show to fit. She’ll wow your crowd with a quick one minute stunt or streeeetch her act to a full fourty-five minute extravaganza!

“An excellent show; 10 out of 10″ -David Blaine

If you need something novel, unique and unforgettable for your event, book Bendy Em today for that “twist” you’ve been looking for!