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Performer of the month – JOHNman as BLANKO

Performer of the month – JOHNman as BLANKO

John Eicke – JOHNman an autodidact. In JOHNman’s career there is no artist school, school for acting or voice education to find. His talents have derived from performing around the world, receiving feedback and observing the reactions of his audience. By doing this JOHNman’s figures and characters are definitely authentic and “clear”.
It is the intensive interaction and the direct and surprising integration of the audience into the event, that is the special feature of JOHNman’s shows. The people don’t just watch a statue act, they experience a “Living Sculpture”.

JOHNman started his career in the early 80’s with acting work in theatre and television, later becoming a director for productions of “Theater an der Spitze” in Berlin.
It was in 1992 that he performed his first “Living Doll” role and this led to him becoming self employed as a “Living Doll / Living Statue”. JOHNman has since performed in; China, Indonesia, Thailand, Canada, Latvia, Kosovo, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Denmark, Italy, Romania, India, Poland, New Zealand, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Norway, Spain, France, Aruba, USA ….. for numerous events and festivals.

Awards include;

2010 first german World Champion of Living Statues in Arnhem (NL) with “CANDYman”
2012/2015 awarded in “Best Fringe Award” and “Fringe King Award” in Shenzhen (China)
2013 first two times World Champion of Living Statues with “BLANKO”
2017 “International Artistic Director of World Living Statues Festival”

JOHNman’s main shows are currently BLANKO - A white figure on a white pedestal that is designed in color by the audience itself; CANDYman – simply the sweetest show on tour … and WOODY a wooden character, carving himself out of a tree trunk, as if it were his own master Geppetto