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Performer of the Month  –  Corey Pickett

Performer of the Month – Corey Pickett

Corey Pickett is a polished all-round international performer. With a background in theatre, he combines circus, music and physical theatre to create an energetic and eccentric performance.

He started performing at the tender age of 12. After years of performing in theatre shows, cabarets, festivals, fringes and circus tours all over Australia and New Zealand, he gained an exceptional variety of skills and a captivating stage presence. He has taken his madcap comedy circus delights around the world, performing across the UK, Europe as well as China, Egypt and Saudi Arabia for Covent Garden Entertainment.

Now Based In London and Sydney he is an accomplished juggler, actor, diabolist, adagio base, accordion player, physical comedian and unicyclist. He has worked on many different stages and festivals including: Edinburgh Fringe (UK), Glastonbury Festival (UK), Falls Festival (AUS), Lainsuojattomat Theatre Festival (Finland), International Children’s Festival (Croatia), Adelaide Fringe Launch (AUS) and companies such as Circus Monoxide (AUS), Circus Aotearoa (NZ), Fit Up Productions (UK) and Eaton Gorge Theatre Company (AU) to name just a few.

In the Last 2 years Corey has created two new duo shows both with other Covent Garden Entertainment performers, Felicity Footloose and Tom Balmont.

One of Corey’s current street shows is the “Silent Show”. Corey describes his show as, “The loudest silent show you may ever see”. It’s delightful mix of high energy, cartoon-esk physical comedy and stunts. All of which is set to a jazzy electro swing soundtrack.
By combing his amazing hand and eye coordination and over the top facials, Corey takes his audience on a not so silent journey with slick skills and sensational silliness, finishing on top of a five foot giant unicycle!

You can guarantee that Corey will enthral and entertain and manages to get his audience whipped up into a frenzy screaming for more!