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The Covent Garden team is growing!

We’d like to take this opportunity to share with you our exciting news as we are delighted to announce that Covent Garden Entertainment is adding to the team as we continue to grow and work with clients around the world.

Hazel Anderson

We are delighted to announce that Hazel Anderson has joined our team as an artistic consultant. Hazel brings with her a vast knowledge in the street theatre and corporate world.

She is an accomplished juggler and street performer herself and thinks nothing of cracking whips, balancing on an 8 foot freestanding ladder and juggling knives, to the cheers and applause of the audience, whether it is on the cobbles of Covent Garden, in a field at a music festival or in the Middle East or some other international destination.

Hazel honed her tricks and her showmanship skills sharing ideas with her husband, …

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Street Theatre | Performance Art Venue

We love using the street as a venue for performances of every variety! Today we’ll take a quick look at why the street is truly an amazing place to perform!


Purity of Street Theatre

You need no box office, stage, or manager to perform on the street, you just have to have something to perform! Some performance artists aren’t accepted by the mainstream or haven’t found an agent or venue that’s accepting. This isn’t a concern on the street!

It’s a very equalizing venue and welcomes all. Performance artists with an interest in social activism may choose to stage their work on the street as a means of directly confronting or engaging the public. Some artists consider a paying, theatre-going public to be unrepresentative of the public to whom they are trying to communicate, and performing to ‘the man on the street’ may …

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Let’s Chat About Juggling

Juggling is actually one of the oldest universal forms of entertainment! The oldest known recording of juggling is from a tomb that is roughly 4000 years old! Juggling has been observed all over the world, as is evidenced by this quote from wikipedia:

The earliest record of juggling is suggested in a panel from the 15th Beni Hasan tomb of an unknown prince, showing female dancers and acrobats throwing balls. Juggling has been recorded in many early cultures including Egyptian, Chinese, Indian,Greek, Roman, Norse, Aztec (Mexico) and Polynesian civilizations.

In today’s post, we thought it might be fun to explore a little bit of the history of juggling as well as some of it’s modern variations!


Juggling in ancient China was performed by the warrior class. One tale that endures is of a warrior called Xiong Yiliao, who allegedly juggled nine balls in front of troops on a (soon to be) battlefield caused the enemy …

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Marketing and Entertainment

Street performers and marketing seem like a natural fit. Many adults still get a kick out of seeing some close-up magic or a thrill out of seeing a fire-breather up close. Loads of giant companies spend money on marketing campaigns that feature performers to amaze and entertain and clearly it works. Our performers have done ads for Adidas, Intel, Coca-Cola, FIFA, Cadbury, etc etc. The question for smaller businesses is this: WHY does it work and how can we replicate the basic process on an affordable scale? Let’s take a look…

Emotional Response

Seeing death defying stunts, laughing at a comedian and being blown away by the dedication of a juggler all cause their audience to have some sort of emotional response. A huge part of branding and succesful marketing is causing your audience to have an emotional response to your company. …

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Magicians: Influence Beyond the Stage

Believe it or not, stage magicians (illusionism, prestidigitation, conjuring, hypnotism, mentalism, escapology, etc) has it’s roots in debunking frauds back in the 16th century! The first book of magic tricks was published in 1584 was devoted to debunking the claims of magicians and showing how their ‘magic tricks’ were in reality accomplished. Among the tricks discussed were ‘sleight-of-hand’ manipulations with rope, paper and coins! In the 17th century, even more books were published on the subject. Thus started a trend of “industry insiders” trying to prevent the public from being taken advantage of. This trend still carries on today! Let’s look at some of the magicians who have had the most influence off the stage!

Harry Houdini

Possibly the most well-known magician and escapologist of all time, Harry Houdini was the bane of fraudulent mediums, psychics, and hoaxers during his life. Houdini was so committed to debunking …

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Buskers: A Mindset to Learn From

Apart from their specific niche (like juggling), the busker’s skillset  is actually very useful to everyone. They’re like a jack-of-all-trades, always innovating, marketing and relentlessly doing everything in their power to improve their craft. Let’s explore some of the very useful tools that successful buskers use to make a living!


Successful buskers are masters of self-promotion. They have to be. Their livelihood depends on finding a performance niche, promoting it as often as possible. Everyone can take a lesson in self-promotion here. It’s a very useful skill to master, whether you own your own small business, are a freelancer or are on the hunt for a new employer. Busker’s relentless, always energetic, super confident self-promotion are great qualities to emulate. Try it out, you might be impressed with the results. Promote yourself like a busker!

Winning Crowds

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Buskers: A Short History

Since many of our esteemed performers got their start as street performers, we thought you might enjoy a look at the history of buskers!

Busking is the practice of performing in public places for gratuities. Street performance is practiced all over the world by men, women and children and dates back to antiquity! The term “busking” was first used in the English language in the 1860′s in Great Britain. The verb “to busk”, from the word “busker”, comes from the Spanish root word “buscar”, meaning “to seek” – as buskers are seeking fame and fortune.

The performances can be just about anything. Buskers might perform acrobatics, animal tricks, balloon sculpting, card tricks, caricatures,  comedy, escapology, dance, fire skills, juggling, magic, living statue or any other type of street art imaginable and sometimes unimaginamble…

The counterculture of the hippies of the 1960′s occasionally staged “be-ins”, which resembled some present-day busker festivals. Performers would gather at public places …

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The Covent Garden Street Entertainers Tour 2014!

Covent Garden Street Performers are coming to a town or city near you!

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Covent Garden Street Performer Now World Record Holder!

Catch our escapologist, Rob Roy Collins on ITV1 18th December 8pm. Rob recently set a Guinness World Record in Niagara Falls, Canada for the fastest upside down escape …

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The Dukes Box | Band in a caravan!

The Dukes Box is a custom built audio-visual show that crams an entire band plus a sound system and light show, into a jukebox the size of a wardrobe.

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JP Puppets | interactive puppeteer show

JP and his puppet jester mate, Mojo, seamlessly blend the classic art of puppetry and modern day street theatre to entertain young and old alike.

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Faces of Disco | Britain’s Got Talent Act

After becoming live-finalists on Britain’s Got Talent 2009, Faces of Disco have become worldwide phenomena. They have performed in major cities from Las Vegas to Singapore from corporate events, celebrity weddings to performing at Glastonbury they have wowed audiences with their high energy, unique comedy dance act. They have been one of the most successful acts to ever appear on Britain’s Got Talent as they can personalise any event by making bespoke masks for their clients.

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